This Feb of 2017, me and my friends went to India!👍 It is an amazing trip!

So I wanna some tips and experience with you guys😘..

  1. There is NO TIPS in India – When we firstly arrived, me and my friends took a taxi from the airport to the hotel, after he sent us he said ‘where’s my tips?’ and we gave him 100 Rs, which found out later after asking many of Indian friends. They told us that there is no need to give waiters, bell boys or taxi drivers, unless you satisfy with him.
  2. 2AC tier is the best class of train – It is not expensive as the 1AC tier and much safer that the 3AC. This class have AC and curtains in each blocks of 4 beds. I personally do not recommend the 3AC tier because while waiting on the train, I met a one Chinese guy, he told us that the while he sleeping in the train and the train stoped at each station, there are kids got up in the train, randomly pick his iPhone up and sneakers and ran away.
  3. 3 weeks to 1 months planned before booking a train – you have to book about 3wks-1mnths before the traveling date after you got an IRCTC account (also have to wait around weeks to activate the account) , because the problem that i got is i booked the ticket just 5 days before traveling and found out that it is in the waiting list… and we had to cancel all the bookings
  4. The world most delayed train i have ever experienced – The train i took from Agra to Varanasi was delayed because of the fog. It was 9 hrs delayed, plus another 19 hrs on the train. It was a horrible experienced. Even though there is a waiting room, but it is dirty, toilets are gross and it is so cold inside.
  5. They work as a team. – Before coming here, we have planned everything, completely booked the trains and hotels but on the first day we arrived in New Delhi, the roads and street here were super busy that we can’t find the metro station. Therefore, as we was wandering, there was an Indian guy, he told us that the metro station here in front of us is not the metro station, he said the metro is far away. We ended up tell our plan. He said that if we booked the train ticket via, not the irctc, we have to go to the Ministry of Travel by government . He also said that it’s not far form here, just took a tuk-tuk and if the tuktuk driver said 90, says ‘No’ 60 rs only. We felt that he is so kind to help us. We thanked you him, and hurried go to Ministry of Travel. We went there, took a seat and talked to them what happened. They said that the train we booked is in the waiting list, which means no seats. What the?!?!?!?! Our planned has been ruined. The guy then told us a new plan, which we have to miss Jodphur, the blue city 😦 Finally, he told us the price of the whole plan, including the minibus and the hotels with breakfast except our old plan from Agra to Varanasi. It costs 15000Rs per each person and we did pay to them……. Later on, as we traveling with Depak, the driver, he took us to many places and expensive restaurants, which eventually have only foreigners. On the 2nd day, he took us to the cooking class. The truth is it isn’t cooking class, but it is looking class!!! We paid 700 rs/person, in which let us know that we’ve been tricked since the first day we arrived there….

Ps. There was also the American girl on that cooking class dinner, she came alone. We contacted her and realized that she paid 1500rs for that stupid cooking classs!!!:(

6. ‘No problem’ means there is a problem. – Most of Indian ppl are sly, not all, especially the one who works with travelers. They just want to ripped you off!👺. As I mentioned above, It seems that Indian ppl always says ‘no problem’ (and shaking their heads as well), but it does have a problem! 👻

7. Buy travel insurance. – You may have heard about how bad the traffic here and how they drive. It is more worst than China. They don’t care about lanes or rules, just an instinct😹So, just incase you have an accident, insurance is really need. It does not cost much.

8. If u come out of the airport, u can’t get back in – This is the problem on the 1st day we arrived at the airport. At first, we planned to sleep in the airport, but one of my frnds went outside of the airport in order to activate the SIMcard (the seller told us to activate outside, which usually makes no sense) He ended up can’t go back inside. Therefore we had to change our plan an find the hotel on that day. Arhkkkkkk !

9. Girls Beware! They’ll Stare at you! – It is culture shock for me for the first time😂 Indian people, especially the boys, they stare at you. Please wear appropriate clothes. I do not recommend girls wearing tank tops here. Safety first! Beautiful later girls!🤞

10. Prepare some chocolates for beggars instead of money – I usually saw this trick from the Taiwan guy we accidentally met during this trip. He such a kind person and I think it is better to give chocolates or some cookies to the kids. The pictures still replay in my mind. 💕 I should have done that too….😿


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