Medical school 2nd year books review

medical schools

On the past 2nd year medical school, I was so excited 😆 because … I began to learn more medical-related subjects



1). Atlas of Human Anatomy (6th Ed), Frank H. Netter, Saunders – optional


  • I know, this is the first book everyone should have as a medical students, but to be honest I didn’t use much. I prefer googled the pictures or using an Anatomy application more than to open the textbooks. It takes a lot of time. Moreover, all of the pictures is not the real picture, its water color drawing.

2). Gray’s Anatomy for Students – recommended

  • It is a good book. I recommended it. This book has great explanation with easy understandable illustrations. I love it! 😍 It is also the one my school use as reference.


3). Clinically Oriented Anatomy by Moore & Dalley, 7th edition – optional 

  • I do not use this book much. The explanation was also great, it has more clinical informations, which I think it is too in-detailed.


4). High Yield Gross Anatomy – recommended 

  • I ❤️ this book. The information is the core thing you really need to know about clinical Anatomy. I use this book as a reference attending the Anatomy competition held in Chiangmai University. I will talk about this later.


5). Grant’s Dissector (15th Ed), Patrick W. Tank, Wolters Kluwer/ Lippincott – recommended 

  • Highly recommended ! This book will definitely help you during Anatomy lab class (dissecting).


6). Case files Anatomy – optional 

  • I also read this book before attending the Anatomy competition (mentioned above). This book will review all your concept in both clinical and composition. It does help a lot, if you have time.



1).  Essential Anatomy  5 – recommended 

  • I worship youuuuuu, the creators of this app. It costs only $24.99. You need this app in order to understand more. The app gives you 3D pictures and explanation. Or else, you’ll be regret it:)


2). Complete Anatomy

  • I actually haven’t try this app yet. It costs $49.99. This app is similar to the Essential Anatomy 5 except it provides an additional lectures and moving muscles 💪 animations. It is a new application of the same company as the Essentials. If it invented during my 2nd year, I probably buy this one.


Actually I began with this book………as teachers reference and it didn’t work for me. I think the core of this subjects is the lab pictures. So what I did is just concentrated during the lectures and lab class coordinately. This subjects is super important for you as a medical students in order to continue in Pathology. So, you have to remember all of the components and functions. Good luck 😉 Histology is Fun!


I use Lippincott’s Biochemistry. It included easy-to-understand diagrams, clinical information and small MCQs at the end of each chapter. Biochemistry is not that complicated if you can see the whole picture of the cycle and how it related to each others. You don’t need to remember all enzymes in each cycle, just the main one. ☝️Let’s get an A on biochemistry.


This is the hardest subjects in this year! I try many methods to learn and understand this subjects.

So what I actually did is watching most of the physiology of Dr.Najeebs videos


I thanked him so much. He is one of an amazing teachers 👨‍🏫 Life saversssss!☺️

I don’t remember how much did I pay, but it’s a life time access.

And after I watched all of his videos, I also review all of the information via BRS Physiology, in which I do not have to waste my time making notes.

This subjects is also the core of being the doctors, all of medical students should rmb and understand all concepts. ❤️

It will be applied in next year pathophysiology subjects….



It was all about rememberinggggggg!

My teachers did give a lot of info, so I do not need to spend time reading textbooks.

But if you really need one, youtube and google can help you and it saves much more time.



I wish this posts can help some medical students, feel free to ans all of the questions if you need some help. Good luck and enjoy your medical 2nd year!!!!💕😂


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